EIS xo wdoo Sunglasses

EIS xo wdoo Sunglasses

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  • Made by Celloluse Propionate

  • Wire-core Temples

  • Polarized Lens

  • Size: 50/21-146

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Hi there,

Thank you for your interest in our Education In Sight campaign! We are beyond excited to finally give our supporters the chance to directly connect themselves with the children they are helping. Through new techniques, we’ve been able to take the colorful and creative art of the young students we help and bring it to a new line of sunglasses. For every pair sold, fifty percent of the sale will go to support these children. 

We love the bright and bold sunglasses we’ve created here, wear them often, and have found a way to enact global change in the process. Through our partnership with Wdoo, we’ll be able to create sunglasses YOU can purchase to help students in impoverished areas of China and beyond get the eyeglasses they need.  We see so much potential, so much creativity in our students. We want to share their talent and the power of their imaginations with the world, and give them a way to help the community they come from. We've been able to take 12 pieces of art from our students in Yunnan and bring it to these sunglasses. We’re thrilled to have you join us on our mission, while adding something unique and fun to your style for the world to see. Wear Art, Give Sight, and Change the World.

Best wishes,

The Education In Sight and wdoo Teams




Why glasses?

In the developing world, as many as 1 in 5 students suffers from uncorrected poor vision.

Globally, over 150 million low-income students suffer from uncorrected poor vision, and in China, as many as 30 million rural students suffer from the same problem.

With 80% of all classroom learning being visual, students in these classrooms who can’t see, can’t learn, and lose any chance at an equal education. This leads to lower academic performance, higher dropout rates, and in the future, it continues a cycle of poverty.

Giving free glasses is one of the most powerful tools we have for combating educational inequality around the world.

With just glasses, academic performance jumps the equivalent of an entire extra year of school. That can mean the difference between dropping out of school in the 7th grade, and graduating from college. It also means vision correction has a higher impact on academic achievement than either family income or parental education level.

In the long-term, eyeglasses can increase an individual’s productivity by 35%, and their monthly income potential by 20%. If we can solve this problem, together we can create a whole new economic future for the communities we help.

Our goal this year:

·  Work in 60 schools

·  Deliver 3500 pairs of eyeglasses to students with poor vision

·  Educate 23,000 students in proper eye care and how to care for eyeglasses

·  Train 80+ teachers to lead vision projects at their schools


Why do we need your support?

While we have been able to raise a portion of the costs needed to help students this year, we are still short of reaching our overall goal, and being able to fully support all of our partner schools. With your help, we’ll be able to work in all 60 partner schools, deliver eyeglasses to all students in need, and be able to train and educate all key stakeholders in the community, including local teachers and parents.


Who are we helping? 

This year, we aim to help Baoshan and Derong counties in Yunnan, China – 44 elementary schools and 16 middle schools

Our work is currently focused in the poorest regions of rural China. Children there face adversity in every element of their education. Many live without guardians and have parents that live a thousand miles away to work to raise money and support their children. Classroom sizes are often 50 to 60 students, where students are taught en masse, and many drop out before the age of 12 to go farm or work in factories.  



Sunglasses + Art

We want to give you the opportunity to connect directly with the students who you are helping. Through our partnership with the designer eyeglasses company Wdoo, we have been able to bring the art and creativity of the students we work with and apply it directly to a pair of sunglasses. The distinctive and unique artwork on each pair of glasses was actually created by the young artists of Yunnan province. When you go out in public, your glasses will have something no one else’s does – a story of creativity and inspiration that started all the way on the other side of the world. Wear Art, Give Sight, and Change the World.



Our Partner – wdoo

We have partnered with a manufacturing company called Wdoo -a new kind of eyeglass company focused on telling stories with eyewear through unique designs. After decades of experience in the eyeglasses industry creating all different shape, material and cost of frames, the founders of Wdoo felt that there was something missing in the whole industry. Where were the stories, where was the inspiration? Wdoo set out to change this. From the beginning, Wdoo hasn’t operated like a traditional manufacturer. Instead of recycling styles season after season, Wdoo is bringing the stories of artists, causes, and change-makers to life through eyewear. At Wdoo, “Strange things happen”, and two pairs of glasses are never alike.


How does your purchase help kids?

For every pair of sunglasses we sell through our Indiegogo campaign, 50% of the revenue will go to support Education In Sight. We’re also empowering tomorrow’s artists by using student artwork on our glasses. We’re showing the world what this generation of kids can do, even when growing up outside of the major cities and best school systems. 


If major donors are already supporting you, why should I help?

To date, we’ve been privileged to have the support of many generous individuals, corporations, and foundations. But to sustain our organization for the long haul, we need to engage you, our community members. All donations, regardless of the amount, help further our mission and allow us to reach more students. 


You say 20% of students needs eyeglasses, but your impact estimates only 15% need them. What’s with the difference?

Great question! Our 20% figure is based off of national data performed through larger research institutions, and collected across different areas of China and the world. These rates can fluctuate from area to area, and in Yunnan province, our main area of operation, we’ve found the need to be slightly less than the national average. However, even though the occurrence rate is lower, our students still suffer the same negative effects of poor vision, and benefit equally from receiving the glasses they need.